Metal Waterproofing

Rust is formed when metal, oxygen and water react. It causes the metal to be weakened, allowing leaks and can also pose a danger to people especially when the building makes heavy use of metal for construction.

Why Do Metal Need Waterproofing?

Although metal is a strong and durable material, it is still unavoidable for them to come in contact with the oxygen in the air, the only way we can stop rusting from occurring is to prevent metal from contacting water. And how do we do that? By Metal coat waterproofing membrane.

In today’s society, no matter which country, we see many buildings in our world with a metallic structure. Sometimes, we see streaks of brown plastered across the shiny walls, ruining the building’s aesthetic value. This is rust that is formed when water such as rain comes into contact with metal and oxygen in the air.

Rusting of metal is commonly misinterpreted as just a chemical reaction that makes a metallic object ugly. Many failed to realise the danger of overly rusted metal that is weakened and can get hurt from acting too rashly along a rusted area. Rust is also a cause of certain diseases when it infects an open wound.

Therefore, to prevent such event from happening, the obvious solution to this is metal waterproofing. Metal waterproofing is:

  • A one-time, one-cost solution to stop further rusting

  • Increases the service life of the metal such as steel, zinc, copper and aluminium.

  • Prevents rust from degrading the aesthetic value of the building

  • A much quicker solution rather than replacing the whole structure

  • Eco-friendly. Certain coatings can also be reflective and reduce the amount of heat into the building. Insulated coatings are also available to reduce heat loss during cold weather. With these, lesser energy is needed for air-conditioning.

As a company that specialises in waterproofing, we always highlight the importance of waterproofing and recommend our customers to always implement it before it is too late. Once the metallic structure is severely rusted, waterproofing can’t solve the problem anymore, and replacement will become necessary.

G-Concept Construction Pte Ltd has many different types of materials for different cases of metal waterproofing which can suit every one of your needs. Contact us now for more details!


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