Roof Waterproofing

Why is roof waterproofing needed?

Needless to say, the roof is likely one of the most important areas of any building and there are many factors shortening the lifespan of your roofing.  The roof is subjected to perils such as strong wind and heavy thunderstorm which can wear down the integrity of roof structure.  The roof is an area where it frequently comes into contact with water, especially rain. Frequent rainfalls can cause damage to roof material causing water leaks. A leaking roof can cause all sort of issues with your building. Water on the roof also increase the chances of vegetation, mould and mildew growth which can cause further damage to the structure.  Mould spores are also health hazards which exposure may lead to allergies, airway irritations, asthma and even fungal infection. Water can start leaking from the roof to the ceiling and through the walls. Over time, the widespread damage will affect the integrity of the building if the issue isn’t corrected.  Wooden structure or building will suffer even more from the moisture.

Advantages of Waterproofing the Roof

Waterproofing adds coatings of various substances or membrane over an area to allow it to become resistant to water. The exact material and method to be used depend on the type and extent of existing damage.  The type of roof also plays an important part in deciding on the material and method.  We have expertise in many roof types including flat roof, metal, tile, concrete and wooden roof. Waterproofing can seal cracks which will stop water leakage.  It helps to protect the roof surface and ensure that water damage is minimised and thus, increase the lifespan of the roof.  Such proactive measures help keep the roof from water damages over a long time.  If you wish to have a roof that lasts longer and creates less problem, do contact us to arrange for a roof check and leak analysis. It is very important to take precautionary waterproofing measures right from the start and if the problem is already there, it will be cheaper to fix it as soon as possible to reduce long-term cost. G-Concept Construction Pte Ltd specialises in waterproofing services and you can trust us to provide the appropriate services to protect your roof. We have strong experiences and have successfully waterproofed countless of other rooftops for our customers!  

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