Planter Waterproofing

Often of times, planters are used to decorate buildings such as shopping malls, condominiums, gardens with a splash of green and brightly coloured flowers.  However, plants do need watering in order to survive, which means the structures used to hold these plants can be susceptible to leaking if water seeps through tiny voids in the concrete. It is quite common for people to disregard the importance to waterproof their planter.  Like any structure, the planter can be damaged by natural elements such as rain, hydrostatic pressure the penetration of the roots itself when the planter is sunken into the grounds / suspend structure. In the event when leak is not treated it can eventually cause further damage to the property. When water seeps out of the planter and onto unintended areas (eg. wooden deck, false ceiling , cabinet and so on ), rotting and mould growth can happen which eventually damaged the property.  Further spread to nearby structure causing even further damage is also not unimaginable. It is always better to waterproof the planters before any major damage can occur.  When serious damages do occur, the cost to replace the damaged planters and fixing mould and landscaping can be expensive.  

Solution: Planter waterproofing

  • Tanking system of waterproofing applied internally on the pot or holding walls
  • Prevents water from ingresses into planter through earth/ in contact with soil
  • Water will only exit through the sub soil pipe of the planter where it is supposed to
  • Prevents visible stains on the decorative planter
However, it is important to note that the substance used to waterproof planters are special. In this case, the waterproofing substance must be:
  • Safe for contact with plants.
  • Strong enough to withstand the growth of roots.
  • Resistant to UV rays from the sun
These kinds of substances may be confusing for a non-specialist to do it on their own.

Planter Waterproofing Process

Before the waterproofing application can begin, the planter or walls must be completely cleaned and dried with no rooms for any honeycomb/ tiny pot holes. The next step is the application of a suitable membrane and material with right method during installation. Depending on the exact circumstances, several coats / sheets membrane termination sealed may be needed to provide sufficient protection and appropriate drainage mat with separation fleece to be installed to enjoy the planting experiences. At G-Concept Construction Pte Ltd, we offer various options for waterproofing systems for you! We will help you in deciding on a suitable waterproofing solution for your planter. We have the capabilities to have the job completed fast and of high quality.  Waterproofing system needs to be long-lasting and we have the expertise to offer you the best-fitting solution for your planter.   

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