Swimming Pool Waterproofing

The base and walls of a swimming pool are subject to constant water pressure.  Swimming pools are also constantly facing hydrostatic pressure from outside of the pool.  These pressures cause pools to develop faults and failure points over time. The cracks often started small but will eventually lead to serious leakage problem. For existing pool, hunting down the cracks responsible for the leak can be a lengthy process due to the complexity of the swimming pool structure.  For pools in construction, planning and implementing proper waterproofing will significantly reduce the cost of re-waterproofing in the future. Concrete itself is a porous substance that is water permeable and it has to be sealed to prevent water from penetrating through them. All swimming pools must be waterproofed before putting to use. 

Reason for Waterproofing

  • Prevents leaks caused by cracks
  • Prevents structural damage           
  • Provides long-term protection for your swimming pool.     
  • Minimizes the chances of water infection especially from external sources.          
  • Prevents swimming pool water from being contaminated by external sources

Methods for Swimming Pool Waterproofing

When selecting a waterproofing solution, one needs to ensure that it will offer protection from both external and internal seepage.  Many solutions are available and deciding between them can be overwhelming.  Some common methods are listed below and in most cases, only a combination of various methods will ensure sufficient protection.
  • Integral systems
  • Cementitious systems
  • Elastomeric or membrane systems
  • Plaster or a float coat for tiles
  • Highly modified cementitious blend
  • Spray-on and brush-on liquid sealant

Swimming Pool Deck Waterproofing

For heavily used pool without a properly waterproofed deck, water erosion and mould growth can occur. Water will slowly permeate into the wooden deck and problems such as cracking, splitting and warping may occur. The moisture in the air can also badly affect the deck. With heavy traffic, re-coating every few years may also be necessary apart from the initial waterproofing. At G-Concept Construction Pte Ltd, we offer various options for waterproofing systems for you! We will help you in deciding on a suitable waterproofing solution for your swimming pool. We have the capabilities to have the job completed fast and of high quality.  Waterproofing system needs to be long-lasting and we have the expertise to offer you the best-fitting solution for your swimming pool. 

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