Pitch Tile Roof Coating

Pitched tiled roof or Pitched roofing is a tiled roof, similar to the red, brick rooftops we used to always draws as little children. The tiles are placed at an angle, instead of being a completely flat roof.  This simple yet elegant way of roofing has been in use for thousands of years.  Although the technical aspects of it have changed considerably, the fundamental principles are still the same.

Roof coating is the application of a specialised fluid that creates a protective waterproof membrane on rooftops. Such membrane has elastic properties that can be stretched and returned to their original shape without damage.  It protects the actual roof from damage from rain, hail and drastic changes in temperature. Especially for a tiled roof, when individual tiles are damaged, it is very difficult to remove and replace each and every tile.

Pitch tile roof coating is just essentially the having a specialised coating applied to the pitched tiles roof.  Working together, the protective coating and the tiled roof protect against leaking and damage to the tiles.

Benefits of Pitched Tile Roof Coating

  • Prevents damage to the actual roof / false ceiling

  • Acts as a waterproofing membrane

  • Solves roof leaks

  • Resistant to UV rays

  • Adds many years to the service life of the roof

  •  Can lower rooftop temperatures and air-conditioning energy use

Compared to normal roof waterproofing, the coating protects the roof from more than just water. It can also protect the roof from the weather, sun rays, temperature changes and so much more! Despite the cost of coating, it has proven to be a good investment and value for money.

G-Concept Construction Pte Ltd offers a whole range of professional waterproofing solution. Contact us for more information on our pitched tile roof coating services and range of coating substances. Our professionals will handle the protection of your tiled roof for you! We will choose the suitable substance to be used as a coating for your roof so at it will be well protected for the years to come.



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