Toilet Waterproofing

Why Do Toilet Needs Waterproofing?

  • Water Damage. The toilet is likely the area with one of the highest daily presence of water.  Non-waterproofed bathrooms, toilets and shower increase the chances of the building structure of suffering from water damage. 
  • Condensation.  Most toilets are also used for shower or washing. Condensation may cause paint discolouration, mould and mildew growth and wood decay, and wood decay.
  • Structural damage. High moisture together with poor ventilation may damage the wall, ceiling and flooring of the toilet.
  • Low Maintenance costs. Cracking and peeling paint, rotten wood and mould growth can be costly to fix.
  • Maintain property value. Keeping property is good condition will enhance future value.

Toilet Waterproofing Methods

There are many different kinds of waterproofing methods for the toilet. First off, the more elaborated method involves doing plumbing in slabs below the toilet. Pipes are connected to an under-floor area in the toilet which collects water. The pipes then transport the water away and prevent the cement from absorbing too much water.

Another more traditional method adds a layer of cement plaster added with chemical serving a water barrier.  More modern methods employ waterproofing membranes over the walls, floors and ceilings of the toilet, which prevents the walls from absorbing too much impact from water or water seeping through cracks in the concrete. There are generally 2 mains types of waterproofing membranes:

  1. Sheet membrane.  This waterproof membrane is tough and strong and bonds well with more surface.
  2. Liquid membrane.  Fluid solutions are easier to apply and solidified into a member that acts as a sealant, crack suppressant and moisture barrier.

The extra layer of waterproofing needs to be taken into account during the construction stage as it will add a few mm in height, depending on the solution chosen.

As a company that specialises in waterproofing, we always highlight the importance of waterproofing and recommend our customers to always implement it before it is too late. G-Concept Construction Pte Ltd offers many different types of materials for different cases of toilet waterproofing.

Call us now to waterproof your toilet! We are a professional waterproofing company you can trust with all the equipment needed for any method of waterproofing you need. We treat your problems as seriously as our own and will not spare any effort in waterproofing your toilet.



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