Pressure Grouting

What is Pressure Grouting?

  1. There are many options for repairing leaks in concrete structures. One of the oldest, yet least understood repair methods uses polyurethane chemical grouts that react with water to either bond with the concrete to form watertight, permanent seals or to become rigid, filling voids and stabilizing soil.
  2. Polyurethane chemical grouts are usually injected under pressure as a liquid resin into or in the vicinity of the leak. Once the resin contacts water, a chemical reaction occurs. Depending on the material formulation, the grout/water combination forms either an expansive closed cell foam or a gel. The foam created can be flexible and resilient (hydrophilic) or ridged, meaning the cell structure of the foam crushes when compressed (hydrophobic).

Benefits of Pressure Grouting

As our infrastructure ages, chemical grouting will continue to maintain its value as one of the easiest, most cost-effective and longest-lasting repair solutions available. “If the right polyurethane chemical grout is chosen for your repair project and the correct installation techniques are used, the repair will actually outlast the structure without hacking the existing finishing, dust free, fast, convenient and cost saving effective. G-Concept Construction Pte Ltd offers the best solution to your pressure grouting needs. If you need professional help, do give us a call! We will recommend solutions that are the most effective for the problem. Our skilled workers will handle your job with the utmost professionalism. We take your problems very seriously and will spare no effort in solving it.

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